Arts Council England and the British Council

Arts Council England and the British Council are today announcing the 20 artists awarded funding to support development of their work internationally. At the same time we publish a video and case studies demonstrating our support for exceptionally talented international artists entering the UK through the Tier 1 visa scheme.

Supporting to work internationally with Visa

The £750,000 fund aims to support artists who have carried out little or no work internationally, and is designed to help artists build on their domestic success and develop markets and audiences overseas for their work.

The successful applicants announced today include:

  • Stephen Wiley who will visit the Palestinian Territories to develop his poetry and research the impact conflict has on this artform in the region. His trip will include poetry workshops, readings, and interviewing poets and refugees, facilitated by the Lajee Centre, PalFest and Palestine Writing Workshop
  • James Fogerty who will travel to three events in the Ukraine, Slovakia and Sweden to train and research Bboying/Breakdance and other forms of street dance through workshops, panel discussions, demonstrations and competitions

Applications for future funding rounds open in mid-August. Find out more on our Artists’ international pages.

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